Sunday, February 8, 2009

Online Social Networking in Charlotte

If I had a dollar for every hour I've spent engaged in online social networking endeavors, well, I'd no longer need to worry about social networking. Alas, the big picture, or in this case a smaller picture, has appeared before me...

Twitter, LinkedIn, Guru, Facebook and similar social media sites have been my primary focus of online networking. This is not a bad thing. You, me, we all want and need visibility on these sites for various reasons, but I had overlooked vast and valuable local social networking opportunities in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

As a result, I've transitioned my efforts towards local online networking groups the past couple of weeks. Yes, the light bulb came on a little late (should be using CFL's!), but it's burning bright now.

A sampling of good social networking sites in the Charlotte area:
Some great Charlotte area public relations professionals and social media gurus on Twitter:
My Creative Team has a great list of Twittering journalists from around the globe.

Cheers and congrats to the fine folks in the Charlotte area who help the public relations, marketing, communications and general social media family grow on a daily basis!


  1. Justin, thanks for the mention! This is a great article for anyone in Charlotte who is interested in social networking and social media.

    Here are a few more great resources for you:

    Jason Keith,

    Jason started the Social Media Charlotte site you mentioned. He is also spearheading a social media conference to be held in Charlotte later this year. For more information, visit

    Also, I started a social networking site for all communications professionals in the Charlotte region. The site is:

    I encourage anyone working (or looking to work!) in advertising, marketing, public relations, web design, graphic design and related fields to join.

    Thanks again, and happy networking!


  2. Thanks for the comment, Brandon. Great sites/groups you refer in your reply. I encourage anyone in the Charlotte area to check them out and get involved.

    I missed Jason (@jakrose) the first go around, but have since referred him as he well deserves!