Monday, December 29, 2008


Days since the Dallas Cowboys beat the Minnesota Vikings 40-15 on December 28, 1996. The Cowboys' last win in the NFL playoffs.

Just over 12 years to the day since America's Team last tasted a postseason victory.

I have but one word, well, three letters: LOL!

I use this internet initialism maybe two to three times in any given year, but this is the most appropriate instance yet.

The Cowoys have blown it again. Jerry Jones' 'Boys are the example of fiscal futility in professional football. Money can buy winning talent; not the intangibles of a winner. Unless player contracts start including "team chemistry, composure and leadership" as bonus incentives, it will likely remain as such.

Lets do a quick dissection of some of Big D's biggest assets (or liabilities):

Dallas head coach, Wade Phillips (above right), is a defensive coordinator, not a head coach. He looked like Elmer Fudd on the sideline when Tony Romo made the call to go for it on 4th down Sunday night in Philly. Terrell Owens (left) is a one man circus complete with popcorn. Tony Romo is a good quarterback; not a great quarterback. Romo will never win a Super Bowl as a starter in Dallas. Adam "Pacman" Jones lacks common sense, has too much money and is a constant liability to any team.

Pacman should know it's difficult to win games and develop team chemistry on the field when you're in court off the field - he can ask Chris Henry, Plaxico Burress or Michael Vick.

New Year's resolution for Jerry and his Cowboys: Go back to the drawing board. Seriously. Shake that Etch-A-Sketch long and hard, then start over. The picture has become indistinguishable in Irving, Texas.

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